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Money, credit cards, checks Evacuation Procedures:


You will receive instructions to evacuate the area in one of the following ways: Proper identification The Emergency Alert Station (EAS) Pets-provisions will be made for pets. They will stay in separate housing, but bring food if possible. A uniformed agent of law enforcement or the fire service will contact you. Tornadoes Mobile sirens, police, fire or other PA systems will be used to alert you. If you see or hear a tornado, seek shelter immediately. Bring a portable radio for news Shelters will be available for residents who cannot stay with friends or relatives in and weather updates. Lie flat and protect your head and eyes. other areas. The Red Cross has prearranged shelter sites throughout the community. If shelters need to be opened for emergency housing, listen to the EAS for the exact Here are some guidelines for seeking shelter: locations. In homes: Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Go to the basement. If there is time, take a moment to gather a few important items you may need. Do this If the house doesn't have a basement, go to a first-floor bathroom, closet, or another as quickly as possible and leave as soon as you can. room at the center of the house. If possible, get under heavy furniture or cover your head with blankets or pillows. If You Can, Bring These Items With You: In schools: Stay away from windows and large areas such as auditoriums and Prescription drugs gymnasiums. Go to the basement. If there is no basement, go to a small interior room Food-if needed for a special diet or a hallway on the lowest floor. Eyeglasses or contact lenses In public buildings: Stay away from windows. Don't go to your car. Go to a designated shelter area or to an interior hallway or a small room on the lowest floor. Change of clothing In mobile homes: Get out immediately. If there isn't a reinforced building or Personal items-toilet articles, documents, photo albums underground shelter nearby, take cover in a ditch or valley. Bedding-sleeping bag, pillow, blankets Baby or child supplies-diapers, food, toys


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