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The following situations usually indicate a problem with the outside line:


With Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, you'll never again pay for unexpected or expensive repairs to your jacks or inside wire. No dial tone on all phones Repairs Covered by the Plan Can't call in or out on all phones Customers with existing Frontier telephone service are subject to a 30-day waiting Get cut off when talking on all phones period before inside wire coverage takes effect. New customers are not subject to Noise or static on all phones this 30-day waiting period. Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan includes these benefits: The following situations usually indicate a problem with the inside lines: Repair of faulty telephone jacks or wire inside your home, as long as they were A phone works in one jack but not in another working when the Inside Loose or broken phone jack Diagnostic work to determine where the problem is. Frontier's Inside Wire The following situations usually indicate a problem with the telephone: Maintenance Plan does not include repair of the phone or other equipment, such as answering machines and computer modems, connected to the jacks, but does Stuck push buttons include letting you know if the problem is in the equipment so that you can have Worn cords the equipment repaired Broken clips or plugs Coverage on all newly installed or relocated standard telephone inside wire and jacks Stuck receiver buttons Discounted labor rates on service to add new wiring and jacks or to replace When you have a service problem, we'll do our best to quickly locate and clear up the nonstandard wiring trouble. Depending on the source of the problem, the following will apply: Repairs Not Covered by the Plan Outside Line: All too often, private homeowners and construction crews unintentionally dig up land where telephone lines and cables are buried. Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan does not cover: This sometimes results in costly damage or destruction. Before you do any extensive digging or construction on your property or public lands, Repair of telephone instruments and other devices, such as computer modems and please dial 811 or 1-800-922-0983. Flags will be placed indicating answering machines, connected to the inside wiring and jacks buried cables. This is an absolutely free service. So please call before you Inside wiring and jack coverage for marine activity, recreational vehicles (RV's) and dig! In instances of telephone cable damage or severance, charges will be assessed construction trailers, or other temporary or moveable structures to the offending party. Damage due to natural disasters, floods, or acts of God, other than lightning Inside Wiring Nonstandard wiring is wiring that does not meet telephone industry standards If your home or business requires wiring, Frontier can provide quality inside wiring or the National Electric Code Material Standards for carrying telephone signals. service. Also, during construction or remodeling, Frontier can prewire structures to Nonstandard wiring may work in some situations, such as single line service, but eliminate exposed wiring. Check to see if your home or place of business is already may not work properly in other situations, such as for two line service where you wired for telephone service. If so, Frontier can activate your phone line for both local may get crosstalk. Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan will cover the "repair" and long-distance calls. of breaks to nonstandard wire, but only to restore the wire to its original condition. The plan does not cover "replacement" of nonstandard wire Independent contractors and residential customers can also wire buildings for telephone service. Frontier will provide the necessary telephone interface to the Repair of damage due to malicious activity, vandalism, riot, or civil disturbance building. Please remember that all inside wiring must meet the regulated standards. Hassle-Free Service Inside Wire Maintenance Plan Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan provides you reliable protection for only About the Plan pennies a day. This charge applies for each telephone line in your residence or office. If you do not have the plan and you call us to make repairs, you will be billed Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan is an optional monthly service for residential at Frontier's standard repair rate. For current repair rates, call Frontier's Customer and small business customers that provides repair protection for the telephone jacks Contact Center. and wires inside your home or office. Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan is an unregulated monthly service that can Telephone lines connect to a Network Interface Device on your property. This be canceled at any time without penalty. If you choose not to subscribe to the plan interface device is often located on the outside wall of your home or another building and your inside wiring or jacks break, you can still call us to do the repairs. You can on the property, such as a garage. From this interface connection point, telephone also get inside wire maintenance and repair service from other companies. Or, if you lines extend into the building, through the jacks where you plug in your phones. prefer, you can do the work yourself. This wiring, from the Network Interface Device to the jacks, is called "inside wire." Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan covers repairs to the inside wire and jacks. Additional Service Information With Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, Frontier will repair faulty jacks and inside wire at no additional charge. If you rent your home, you should be aware that residential landlords may be responsible for repairs and maintenance of inside telephone wire. Check with your You do not need to purchase inside wire maintenance service in order to obtain landlord or your lease to determine who is responsible for inside wire maintenance telephone service. If you purchase inside wire maintenance service, you may cancel it and repair. at any time without penalty. Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan is available to residential and single-line Possible Problems With Telephone Wire and Jacks business customers on a per line basis. The business rate may be different from the residential rate. Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan is not available to Telephone wire and jacks have a long life. They do not normally go bad just because business customers who use Key/PBX Systems. of age. But many things, including everyday wear and tear, can damage the telephone wire or jacks inside your home. The charge you pay for basic Frontier residential To subscribe to Frontier's Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, call the telephone number


telephone service does not cover repairs to your inside wire or jacks. It is your listed on your monthly bill. responsibility to get your wire or jacks fixed if something does go wrong.

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