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Underground Cables 700/900/976 Numbers Telephone numbers beginning with 700/900/976 provide information to callers at a You play a crucial role in helping us protect underground cable. Any cost-per-call basis. Examples could be road reports, dial-a-joke, horoscopes, stock household chore that involves digging-planting a tree or installing a fence, market reports, or ski conditions. You will be charged for these calls at the rate for example-can lead to damaged cable, which results in disruption of established by the information provider. Your local telephone service provider bills you, service for many customers. It's very easy to avoid such problems. Simply call 811 or on behalf of the provider, for these charges. If you don't want anyone in your home 1-888-721-7877 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), before you dig or drill. making 700/900/976 number calls, contact your local telephone service provider. The Be prepared to tell us the exact location of the proposed excavation (including the first time you request blocking of 700/900/976 number calls, there is no charge. If you county, city or township, section and section number), the type of work you'll be cancel the blocking and then request to have it reinstated, you may be charged. doing, when you plan to start, and how long you think it will take. We'll also need your name and your company's name (if applicable), your address (or company's), a phone To cancel 700/900/976 number blocking, you must submit number where you can be reached, and the best time to call you back. Following your written authorization to your local telephone service provider. call, we'll check the location and let you know where the cables are. Customer Billing Rights for 700/900/976 Number Calls Your local telephone service provider furnishes billing service for long-distance

Customer Rights &

companies and companies offering 700/900/976 number information services. The


Federal Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act gives you the following rights


regarding 700/900/976 number calls and telephone-billed purchases: Telephone Solicitors You do not have to pay for calls to 700/900/976 numbers that do not follow federal A telephone solicitor is a person who calls to ask you to buy something or to regulations. make a donation. State and federal laws require that telephone solicitors who call You have the right to question charges for billed telephone purchases or calls to residences must: identify themselves and the business they represent by name, 700/900/976 number information service providers. This process begins when identify the purpose of the call, and provide a telephone number where the solicitor you call or write your local or long-distance telephone service provider, using the or the company can be reached. Additionally, a telephone solicitor can't legally call a telephone numbers listed on your telephone bill, within 60 days of receiving the residence before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. statement showing the charges in question. Automatic dialing announcing devices must be disconnected from your line within Should you question charges on your telephone bill, your local or long-distance 30 seconds of the termination of the call. telephone service provider must respond to your request within 40 days unless the Keep in mind these requirements do not apply to telephone solicitations made at dispute is resolved within that time. your request, solicitations made in connection with an existing debt or contract, or If a billing error has occurred, your local or long-distance telephone service provider calls from a telephone solicitor with whom you have a prior or existing business must correct the error and notify you of the correction. Your account will be relationship. credited for the disputed amount pending investigation. The company providing the If you use a credit card to purchase goods or services from a telephone solicitor, the service, however, may attempt to collect the disputed amount even in cases where seller must (unless the seller is a public charity, an organization exempt from federal a billing error has occurred. Your local or long-distance telephone service provider income tax under the Internal Revenue Code 501 [c] [3]): will furnish you with the name, telephone number and address of that company so you can contact them directly. Offer a full refund for the return of undamaged and unused goods within seven days after you receive the goods or services (the seller must process the refund within If there is no billing error, your local or long-distance telephone service provider 30 days after you either return the merchandise or cancel an order that you have not will furnish you a written explanation of why no error was found and, upon request, received) or provide you with documentary evidence of why you were billed for the charges in question. You will have a minimum of ten days to pay the disputed amount. Failure Provide you with a written contract fully describing the goods and services being to pay such amount may be reported to a credit reporting agency or be subject to offered, the total price charged, the seller's name, address, and phone number, and collection. Involuntary blocking may also be imposed so that you will be unable to any terms and conditions affecting the sale. make 700/900/976 number calls from your telephone. National "Do Not Call" List Neither your long-distance nor your local telephone service may be disconnected If you wish to have your name and telephone number placed on a list to not receive if you choose to withhold payment for telephone-billed purchases or calls to telemarketing calls, you may register by calling toll-free 1-888-382-1222 or online at 700/900/976 numbers. However, you must continue to pay for all charges on your https://www.donotcall.gov/. bill that are not part of the disputed amount. Threatening or Obscene Phone Calls If your local or long-distance telephone service provider fails to follow the billing and collection procedures mandated by federal regulations any disputed amount up If You Receive Obscene or Nuisance Calls, Follow These to $50 may be forfeited to the customer. Suggestions: Should you have questions regarding any of this, please call your local or long-distance Advise children to do the same telephone service provider using the telephone numbers listed on your bill. Making threatening, obscene, or nuisance calls is a violation of state and federal laws. Other Telephone Service Laws and Practices If you receive a threatening call, report it immediately to the police. Many optional phone services -including Caller ID Services, Call Block, and Throughout the Customer Info Guide, we've told you about many of the rules and Call Trace- are available in some areas and can help prevent annoying calls. regulations that govern telephone service. Here are some other important things you Often, changing your telephone number will resolve the problem. should know: Call the Frontier Nuisance Bureau, toll-free, at 1-888-637-9625 for more information Your local telephone service provider furnishes telephone service without regard to or assistance. race, nationality, color, religion, sex, disabilities, or marital status. Your local telephone service provider is regulated by the South Carolina Public Service Commission. A Recording Phone Calls complete copy of rules and regulations governing telephone service is available from Phone calls can be recorded, but certain requirements apply. The use of a recorder the commission or from your local telephone service provider. without a warning tone is illegal. A short "beep" heard about every 15 seconds


while you are on the phone indicates that your conversation is being recorded, ask the person with whom you are talking to disconnect the recording device. These requirements don't apply to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed broadcast stations that record telephone calls solely for broadcast over the air.

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