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Emergency/Emergencia Welcome to Dex


Communities in this directory can be found on the first page of the White Page Listings.

TTY, TDD Users

Dial 9-1-1

After the 9-1-1 dispatcher answers the call, pressing the

Other Important Numbers -

space bar may help you inform the dispatcher this is a TTY call.

Non-Emergency Numbers

See "Community Service Numbers" in the Phone Service

Child Abuse

Pages for non-emergency numbers.

Dial 9-1-1

9-1-1 calls are answered by trained public safety

Poison Center

dispatchers whose priority is the handling of emergency


situations. Please take the time to look up a non- emergency telephone number for the appropriate

TTY 1-800-222-1222

government agency if you do not have a problem that requires a law enforcement officer, fire department or

Suicide Prevention

ambulance to come to your location immediately.

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

Warning: It is unlawful under penalty of fine or

TTY 1-800-799-4TTY

imprisonment for any person willfully to refuse to


immediately yield or surrender the use of a party line or


a public telephone to another person for the purpose of permitting such other person to report a fire or summon

Runaway Hotline

police or medical aid. Likewise, it is unlawful for any person to ask for, or request the use of, a party line on the

National Runaway Switchboard

pretext that an emergency exists.

1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929) www.1800runaway.org

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