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additional services

CenturyLink offers a variety of optional calling services. Packages are available that include your phone line plus a choice of select features for one flat monthly rate.




Caller ID

When someone calls, the display shows the caller's listed name and number after the first complete ring.

Know who's calling before you pick

The name, number, date and time of most calls are automatically

up the phone. Return important calls

stored, even if you don't answer.

when you have time, or simply ignore

UNKNOWN, UNAVAILABLE or OUT OF AREA calls are from an area

calls you don't want.

where Caller ID is not available. Anonymous If you see PRIVATE or ANONYMOUS, the number has been blocked by Call Rejection the caller. ON Turn on Anonymous Call Rejection to reject all blocked calls, a free


service included with Caller ID. OFF Lift the receiver, press


, then hang up. Your phone won't ring if


someone calls from a blocked line. If an unidentified person tries to call, a recording says you do not accept anonymous calls. The person is told to hang up and dial


before placing a call in order to be identified to you. To turn off Anonymous Call Rejection, press



Security Screen

Unidentified callers are asked to enter a number or unblock their line if they want the call to go through.

is another Caller ID option that

When an unidentified caller enters a number, you'll hear two short rings.

intercepts most blocked and

Your Caller ID display will show the unblocked number, or the number

unidentified calls before they ring

entered by the caller, and the person's name if it can be identified, or

your phone. Callers are asked to enter

Call the SECURITY SCREEN if not. Answer, or not, as you like.

a number or unblock their line if they


want the call to go through.

To make changes to Security Screen, call the Update Center at


Center from your home phone, and select "Security Screen" from the Main


Menu. You'll hear whether Security Screen is currently on or off. If you want to change the status, follow the recorded instructions. If you are not at home, you can reach the Update Center at 1-888-(your area code)-8052. To allow anonymous callers to identify themselves with Security Screen, the Anonymous Call Rejection feature needs to be turned off (see above).

Blocking Options

Permanent Line Blocking service prevents the display of your name UNBLOCK and number at all times. If you want to identify yourself for just one

*82 For those times when you want to

call, press


before you dial the number. After you hang up, Line BLOCK

make a call without having your

Blocking will resume.

*67 name or number displayed.

Per Call Blocking is available at no charge to all CenturyLink customers. It allows you to block your name and number on an individual call whenever you want. Simply dial


before you dial the phone number.

For customer assistance, call or visit us online at centurylink.com Residential Customers: Business Customers: Para servicio 800 603-6000 en espaol: 800 244-1111 Local Number

800 564-1121

605 225-5588

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