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Did you know? CenturyLink also offers wireless phone service, high-speed Internet access, and digital TV in many areas. To learn more about the services available in your area, or for additional instructions on using the services on these pages, call us at the numbers below or visit centurylink.com.




Call Waiting

When you hear a brief tone, press FLASH or click the receiver (hang up) button. Answer the second call.

A short tone signals that another

To return to the first call or alternate between calls, quickly press

person is trying to call you when you are

FLASH each time.

on the phone. You can put one call on hold while handling the second

You may also answer the waiting call by hanging up and waiting for the phone to ring.

call, or alternate between the two. Call Waiting ID works with Caller ID

To cancel either call, simply hang up. When your phone rings again,

to identify the second caller after

you'll be connected with the person who's still on the line. ANSWER

the tone.

Call Waiting Hints If you're making an important call and don't want to be interrupted OFF by another caller, you can tempo rarily turn off Call Waiting. Simply press


, listen for a regular dial tone, then dial the number. Call


Waiting is automatically restored when you hang up. If you're using your phone line to connect to the Internet, Call Waiting may disrupt your modem signal. It's best to store


as part of your dial-up number, which turns off Call Waiting temporarily while you're online. Call Waiting will be restored automatically when you disconnect. If you have a voice mail service, any calls you receive while Call Waiting is temporarily deactivated will be answered by your voice mailbox. Pick up the receiver and press



Call Forwarding

When you hear a second dial tone, dial the number where you want

Lets you temporarily forward calls to

calls to go. Wait for an answer. ON

another number you select. *72

If the line is busy or no one answers, hang up and repeat steps 1 and OFF 2 and listen for 2 quick tones. Then you can hang up and check that Call Forwarding is working. Press


and listen for a busy signal.


To turn off Call Forwarding, press


. Two quick tones followed by a dial tone means your calls are no longer being transferred. Call the Update Center at


from your home phone and choose

Selective Call

Call the "Selective Call Forwarding" from the Main Menu.

Forwarding Enhanced

Update Center Press


to turn Selective Call Forwarding on, then follow the prompts

Only those calls from specific

to set up the phone numbers of calls you want to have forwarded.

*78 numbers are forwarded.

You can enter up to 25 CenturyLink local, long-distance or mobile numbers. Calls that you have not chosen to forward will ring through as usual. To turn off or edit Selective Call Forwarding, call the Update Center again and follow the recorded instructions.

For customer assistance, call or visit us online at centurylink.com Residential Customers: Business Customers: Para servicio 800 603-6000 en espaol: 800 244-1111 Local Number

800 564-1121

605 225-5588

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