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additional services

CenturyLink offers a variety of optional calling services. Packages are available that include your phone line plus a choice of select features for one flat monthly rate.




Call the

Call Rejection Enhanced

Call the Update Center at


from your home phone and select Update "Call Rejection" from the Main Menu.

Don't bother with calls you know you

Center Press


to turn Call Rejection on, then follow the prompts to set up

don't want. *78

the list of phone numbers you want to reject. You can enter up to 25 CenturyLink local, long-distance or mobile numbers. You can also add the last number that called you to your Call Rejection list, even if it's listed as "Private" on Caller ID. Calls from other numbers not on the list will ring through as usual. To turn off or edit Call Rejection, call the Update Center again and follow the recorded instructions.

Three Way Calling

While you're on a call with one person, click the FLASH or receiver (hang up) button on your phone.

Talk to two other people at the

Wait for three brief tones and a dial tone. Call the second person.

same time or put one call on hold and

When that person answers, press FLASH again to connect all three of

make a second call.

you. You may talk privately with the second person before making the three- way connection. If the second person's line is busy or there's no answer, press FLASH twice to return to the original call. To find out the number of your last caller, lift the receiver and press

Last Call Return



Get the number of the last person

ON If you want to return the call, press


and your phone will dial the

who called. *69


(Not all calls will be identified and some calls may be identified but may not be able to be returned.)

To set up and access your mailbox, press


from the phone line IMPORTANT:

Voice Mail

Voice Mail is on. You MUST

Answers your calls and takes a message

OR, from any touch-tone phone, call the phone number that Voice Mail set up your

anytime you can't answer, even when

has been ordered for and press


when the announcement starts. mailbox

you're on the phone or online.

OR, you can call the Retrieval Number you were provided when you before you placed your order. can use it.

rewind pause/ forward

Create a Security Code, from 4-15 digits that doesn't begin or end

10 sec restart 10 sec

with zero.

1 2 3

Record your name to identify your mailbox. Choose your greeting: Press


Standard with phone number,


slower date & faster

VOICE MAIL Standard with your name, or


to record your own Personal Greeting.


ACCESS Listening to messages

4 5 6


Access your mailbox as outlined above. Use keypad commands in the diagram to move through your

(not available

normal volume louder ERASE REPLY SAVE

messages. Commands shown in lower case are available while you're

in all areas)

listening to a message. Commands shown in CAPS are used after a

7 8 9

message finishes playing. After each message, you MUST choose




Save, or



exit/ help skip

before the next message will play.

back up



For Voice Mail assistance


800 669-7676 (home) or 800 776-2777 (business)

For customer assistance, call or visit us online at centurylink.com Residential Customers: Business Customers: Para servicio 800 603-6000 en espaol: 800 244-1111 Local Number

800 564-1121

605 225-5588

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