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how to order CenturyLink service

If CenturyLink is your local phone company, we can provide you with local telephone service, long-distance service, high- speed Internet, wireless phone service, digital TV and more. You may find it helpful to read this information before placing your order. When you call, one of our customer representatives will describe the services available in your area, explain what each costs and take your order. Or, you can always get more information and order online at centurylink.com.


Identify your physical address and decide

Privacy Listings

how you want to be listed.

If you don't want your name in this book, you have two We will need to know: choices. Your complete street address (with apartment or suite number) A non-listed number simply prevents your name and number How you want to be listed in your local Dex telephone from appearing in the directory. Your information would still directory. The first listing is free. For an additional charge, be available from directory assistance. you may also choose one of the special listing options shown at A non-published number means your name and number will right. not appear in the directory, nor be available from directory


Choose the services you want.

assistance. For health and safety pur poses, your non- published or non-listed information may be released when Local Telephone Service you call 9-1-1 or other emergency service providers. We offer basic telephone service available as Unlimited service that allows you to make as many local calls as you want for a Premium Listings flat monthly charge. Another option available in most areas is These special types of listings include: additional listings, Measured service where you pay for what you use. listings for a number outside of the area normally included Long-Distance Service in a particular directory, cross references to other listings, (In-State, Out-of-State, International) informational listings that include non- promotional CenturyLink and other companies provide long-distance service information and alternate call listings that refer to for domestic and international calls. You must name a long- another number. distance provider when you place your order. High-Speed Internet Service Provider CenturyLink and other companies provide high-speed internet Advance Payments and Deposits access (not available in all areas). If you are a new customer with CenturyLink or have recently Ask about other services available in your area, such as digital moved and need to reestablish service, we may ask for an advance TV and wireless service, and how you can save when you payment or deposit. Deposits are based on local service and long- order more. distance charges. We may require a new or additional deposit if we stop your service


Arrange your service costs and deposits.

because your payment is late. There's also a charge to begin You'll need to provide us with: service again. Information about your previous telephone service, including Your Deposit will be Refunded with interest once you have phone number, city and state established satisfactory credit. If you discontinue service prior to Employment and credit information that time, the deposit and interest will be applied to your final (for home telephone service) bill. Call us at the numbers below for more information about our Business ownership information (for business service) deposit policy. What it Costs to Begin or Change Service If You Need New Telephone Wiring or Jacks The one-time charge to install or change your telephone service You have three options: depends on the amount of work required. Generally, you're You can have CenturyLink do the work. If you have our charged for the work required to process your order and to technician install jacks or wiring inside your home or business, connect or make changes in your service. you'll be charged for the time the technician is there and for the We require advance notice to install new service. materials used. You can have an independent contractor do the work. There is no Charge to Disconnect Your Phone Service You can do the work yourself. All inside wiring must meet You pay only for the time your phone is connected. certain technical standards.

For customer assistance, call or visit us online at centurylink.com Residential Customers: Business Customers: Para servicio 800 603-6000 en espaol: 800 244-1111 Local Number

800 564-1121

605 225-5588

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