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long-distance and operator calls

Long-distance Calling Operator Assisted Calls

CenturyLink offers a variety of long-distance plans so you can When you need to have an operator help you place a call, there is choose a plan that best meets your needs. Options include an additional charge, which is more expensive than using a Calling unlimited calling plans for a flat monthly rate or rate per minute Card or dialing directly from your home or office. plans with low monthly fees. Express Operator Service Direct dialing saves money Dial


+ area code + the number. You will hear a CenturyLink Dial your own long-distance calls to pay the lowest rate. announcement and a "bong" tone. The recorded message will tell you what number to enter to make a collect call, or a call billed to another number. When billing a call to another number, the party being billed will be asked to accept the charges by responding

Choose CenturyLink long-distance calling plans and

"yes" or "no."

get great rates with the convenience of one monthly

For assistance at any time, press



bill for all your phone services.

From a rotary telephone, dial


+ area code + number. After the Domestic long-distance plans cover direct-dialed state-to- "bong" tone, click the receiver (hang up) button and an operator state and in-state toll calls within the United States will assist you. Talk a little? Choose a plan with a low per-minute rate. Collect Calls Talk a lot? Choose an unlimited plan that lets you make as Dial


+ area code + the number. Tell the operator you're making many calls as you want in one month for a flat fee. a collect call. The operator will connect you to your called party Call any time of the day or any day of the week - when someone at the number you've called accepts the charges. no calling time restrictions. Calls Charged to a Third Number Simplicity of one monthly bill and one customer service Dial


+ area code + the number. Tell the operator you want to number for all your local and long-distance phone services. charge your call to a third number. The operator will place you on hold and call the third-party number to ensure the charges will For the best value on international calls, ask about be accepted. You'll be connected after the third party accepts the CenturyLink's international long-distance calling plans. charges for your call. We also offer several International long-distance plans that can save you money on calls to the countries that you call Person-to-person calls most often, or anywhere around the world. Dial


+ area code + the number. Tell the operator you're making Enjoy lower discounted rates for international calls when a person-to-person call to a specific person. If that person is you choose an international calling plan. available, the operator will connect you. You can place a Call any time of the day or any day of the week. person-to-person call when you call collect or charge your call to a third number. Rates for your calls will vary by country. Visit centurylink.com or call CenturyLink for our most current If you want to know how much your call will cost, tell the operator rates. you want "time and charges." When you finish the call, an operator will return to the line to tell you what the call If you don't select a specific international calling plan, you will will cost. be charged a higher base rate, which varies by country and time of day. Operators can check a busy line in most areas, to determine if someone is actually speaking on the line. There may be a charge for this service.

For customer assistance, call or visit us online at centurylink.com Residential Customers: Business Customers: Para servicio 800 603-6000 en espaol: 800 244-1111 Local Number

800 564-1121

605 225-5588

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