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At the time this directory was published, the following companies, in addition to CenturyLink, offered local service in the Greater Lake Okeechobee, FL area and requested that their information appear in the CenturyLink Yellow Pages. Detailed information about the availability of local service from companies other than CenturyLink can be obtained directly from these companies.

Residential Business New Service Repair New Service Repair

CenturyLink 1-800-201-4099 611 or 1-800-788-3600 1-800-786-6272 1-800-786-6272 Alternative Phone, Inc. 1-800-930-4290 1-800-930-4290 AstroTel, Inc. 855-GO-ASTRO 855-GO-ASTRO FTS 407-331-8622 407-331-9170 800-649-2211 888-749-8333 877-279-1697 877-439-1010 LTS of Rocky Mount 877-279-1697 877-439-1010

The Phone Service Pages are published by Dex as a community service and are not intended to endorse any information contained herein. Due to the changing nature of this information, Dex does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. Telephone service providers may request changes, deletions, or additions to the information on this page by emailing FrontOfBook_DexOne@DexMedia.com or calling 1-877-433-9249. This contact information is not for changes to White Pages Business or Residential or Government listings; for those changes please contact your local telephone service provider (whichever company bills you for telephone service).

CenturyLink Alternative Phone, Inc. P.O. Box 1319 P.O. Box 4230


Charlotte, NC 28201-1319 Ocala, FL 34478 LTS of Rocky Mount www.ftstelecom.com 1803 W Fairfield Drive, Unit 1 Pensacola, FL 32501

calling features

The following pages include listings and To Disable Call Waiting Before or During a Call:

Caller ID Blocking *67

descriptions of generic Custom Calling Features At the dial tone, press *70 on a push button Prevent your name and number from being offered to customers. Not all features described phone or dial 1170 on a rotary phone. displayed to people you call, with Per-Call or below are offered in every market. If you should Wait for a second dial tone and dial the Per-Line Blocking. In some areas Per-Line have any questions regarding your options, number you want to call. Blocking is only available to law enforcement and please call your local service provider. Some When you end the call, Call Waiting is domestic violence intervention agencies. features are activated differently in some areas. restored. If the "*" doesn't activate the service, please use To Use Per-Line Blocking: the "#" key after entering the code.

Caller ID With Name

Automatically activated when you subscribe Allows the subscribing customer to see the name, to the service.

Enhanced Call Waiting

phone number, date and time of the calling To disable line blocking on a per call basis, Call Waiting keeps your callers from reaching a party before answering the telephone. Special press *82 or dial 1182 on a rotary phone. busy signal and helps you avoid missing calls. equipment is required to operate this calling feature. The name of the calling party may not To Use Per-Call Blocking: A "beep" tone alerts you to an incoming call. appear on all calls. Listen for the dial tone and press *67 or dial To answer the waiting call and put your 1167 on a rotary phone. current call on hold, press the switchhook

Call Waiting ID

Listen to the second dial tone and place your (the button that hangs up the telephone) for Identify the call waiting caller before you call. one second, or press the link or flash button interrupt your current conversation. When you hang up, Per-Call Blocking is on your phone. deactivated. To alternate between calls at any time, press the switchhook for one second.

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